Fabricio Flores


About me

I am interested in data analysis and applied machine learning.

I work at Carnegie Mellon University as an Assistant Lecturer and Research Associate for the Department of Machine Learning (ML) and, both, the departments of  Electrical and Computing Engineering (ECE) and Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) respectively.

As part of the ML department I have assisted with the graduated Master (10601) and PhD (10701) level courses in machine learning during the 2019 spring semester.

Similarly, within the ECE department, I work on the applications of computer vision for retail, in particular the use of object detection and segmentation for inventory management.

Within the CEE department, I collaborate in research involving human detection and counting in indoor environments (classrooms, offices). In this project,  RGB-D cameras (Kinect and Intel RealSense) are used to capture depth information that later on is used to perform human detection and counting using convolutional neural networks. The occupancy information is then used to control heating and ventilation systems in order to improve building energy usage.

  • Python

  • Keras - TensorFlow

  • R

  • C/C++

  • SQL